to the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children's Library EAST Program!

Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library EAST

HRC Children’s Library EAST is a program ran by the University of Arkansas Little Rock’s EAST Scholars.

The Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) Initiative is based around self-directed learning and designed for students to create projects to help their communities, while using sophisticated technology.

EAST Initiative is in more than 200 schools in five different states across the United States. Each EAST classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations, servers, software and accessories, including GPS/GIS mapping tools, CAD design software, 3D animation suites, virtual reality development and so much more.

EAST students use these sophisticated technologies to solve problems they have identified in their community.

UA Little Rock EAST Scholars saw a problem with a lot of children not getting the opportunity to be involved in EAST and wanted to change that. By partnering up with the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library, UA Little Rock EAST is offering a free EAST program to all children who do not get a chance to participate in EAST.